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Alpaca Socks Available! To order, please contact us.

Alpaca socks are the only products not made on our farm. We donate fiber to this Co-Op. The socks are USA made using USA alpaca farm fiber. We strongly believe in the warmth and durability of this product. Alpaca socks are incredibly soft and super warm. They wick the moisture from your feet, which also helps to keep you warm. They are anti-microbial, which helps with foot fungus issues and smelly feet. These socks can be worn for a whole week and will not smell…neither will your feet. They will become your favorite sock and the best sock you will ever own.

Lo Pro (ankle length) – S, M, L, XL - $15.00 plus shipping
Survival (low to mid calf length) – S,M,L, XL - $20.00 plus shipping
High Calf Boot (knee length) – S,M,L, XL - $25.00 plus shipping